Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Frozen Yogurt Dots

Name:  Frozen Yogurt Dots
Time: <15 min
Money: $
Project Planner: Kristin

This week's project was inspired by the Frozen Yogurt Dots that keep popping up on Pinterest.  I followed the directions on Housing a Forest.  However, instead of Greek yogurt, I used Australian yogurt because it was in the fridge (and it's delicious!!).

The most difficult part of this {easy} project was getting the yogurt into the bag.  I ended up using a spoon and only made a minor mess so I consider it a success.  Once the yogurt was in the bag, I cut the corner and then went to take a picture.  Of course, it dripped.  #reallifeblogging

It took me less than five minutes to cover the pan in yogurt dots.  I found that the best method was to place the bag straight down onto the pan, gently squeeze, and then lift straight up.  I perfected the method as I went.  Can you tell that I started on the left?

The pan then went into the freezer for a few hours.  The dots were then scooped up and placed into another bag and then returned to the freezer.

Now, this may seem silly, but I think I hoped that this process would make the yogurt taste like drops of frozen yogurt not frozen yogurt.  Follow me?  I wasn't impressed and ended up throwing them out after they sat abandoned for a few weeks.  I guess if I'm going to eat yogurt, I'm fine with eating it normal.  The frozen dots just didn't do it for me!

Have you made frozen yogurt dots?  What did you think?  Who wants real frozen yogurt right now?  ME!

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