Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tall Boots Should be Tall

Name: Tall Boots Should be Tall
Time: <5 min
Money: $
Project Planner: Anna

You made it to Wednesday - half the work week is over, and you can look forward to getting so much checked off your to do list this weekend!  This project only requires one item to be purchased - a fun noodle!   I have seen this on Pinterest numerous times, and always thought it was a great idea, mostly because the tall boots in my closet look like this: 

There are two things wrong with this picture:
1) The boots don't look happy or nice to look at
2) The next time I wear either of those pairs of boots, there will be crease in the leather from sitting in my closet like that

This project takes five minutes and requires little materials and in the end, my boots will look much happier in my closet.  

I first went to Target to get two fun noodles - it nearly broke my bank account - $1.99 each!

 Then, I used a very scientific measuring system to know how long to cut the noodle.  Put my boot next to the noodle and marked it with the knife.

My choice of cutting tool was a bread knife - it worked PERFECTLY.  And beleive me, no large bicep muscles are needed to cut through a styrofoam noodle! 

I was able to get three boots worth out of one noodle, so for two noodles, you can do three pairs of boots (of course depending on the height needed).  Not bad though.  For reference, my boots go almost to my knees, so they are pretty tall.

I then slipped the noodles in the boots and put them back in my closet.

Much better! 
Now go get those noodles because Tall Boots Should be Tall!!
Happy Wednesday!

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